Missing Jewels


Beauty in a woman is not in their makeup bag. For many women who have not had a chance of having a real man around them, they believe they’re not good enough. This makes them spend so much money shopping for makeup and other accessories without getting it right. In the process, they end up feeling frustrated and ugly with themselves. However, when it comes to Louisville escorts this is not the case. These girls have so much confidence in them that they use the nickname “Missing jewels” to express their value.

Although Louisville escorts use makeup once in a while, they don’t believe it adds any value to their beauty. In fact, there are some who never have time of doing makeup since they believe natural is good. The fact that they are still in business and still doing very well means there is a hidden secret that gives them this confidence.

The secrets of Louisville escorts

After some interactions with these girls below are some of the tips I learnt from them about true beauty in a woman.

  1. Her passions

The worst thing you can ever do is get an escort who has no passion. These girls are dull and boring to have around. there are times when we all feel like we have reached the end of life and there is nothing to be passionate about. However, with Louisville escorts they believe in taking each day at a time. Therefore, when it is time to take care of their clients, they don’t have time to think about their dull moments. What matters most to them is making their clients happy.

Louisville escorts know how to bring a balance in their lives. When things seem so tough, they take cover in what brings them joy. This ensures they never neglect that part of them that ignites them, keeping their passion of life in check.

  1. They are compassionate

A cold-hearted woman is said to be very dangerous and hard to love. This would even get worse if you received one as your escort for the night. The fact that you don’t know her in person and you are meeting her for the first time makes it even worse. Luckily, this is not the case with Louisville escorts. These jewels are not only lovable but they are also very compassionate and loving.


If you have never had an opportunity of dating a woman, it might be really difficult for you to identify the right girl for you. However, with Louisville escorts, you will not only enjoy great time with them, but also understand how a real woman should be.

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